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THREE REASONS WHY BEING SINGLE THIS VALENTINES IS AWESOME You’ve just made it through the January lull and then all of a sudden Valentine’s Day sneaks up on you. If you’re single, it’s hard not to be jealous of all the loved-up couples that seem to be everywhere. But there’s no need to mope around eating ice cream on the sofa. Join us in celebrating the reasons why it’s AWESOME to be single on the international day of love.

1. Lack of love? Less costs

Like most days of giving Valentine’s Day is not cheap, with the UK public alone spending an estimated £880 million in 2012. However, it’s one of the few days in which it’s beneficial to be single. While our loved-up counterparts haemorrhage their hard-earned cash on heart-shaped balloons and overpriced floral arrangements, you can treat yourself to something you’d really like.

2. Freedom of choice

With a plethora of activities aimed at unattached revellers, a positive for singles is that we have…