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Copyright, neighbouring rights and art in the Ugandan perspective

News of the tragic death of Ugandan star Moses Sekibogo (Mozey Radio) that February morning found me scrolling through an online David and Goliath tale of a young lad who had embarked on a legal battle against a giant broadcaster. He alleged that his TV show treatment proposal had been stolen when he submitted it in hopes of employment. Imagine his alarm on seeing the station that had promised to get back to him premiering a ‘new show’ bearing his concept under a totally different name with a celebrity host. He is just one of hundreds of creative people who get their intellectual property stolen to enrich others. The deficiency of aggressive copyright jurisprudence has continued to stand between the royalties and revenue that the estate of this young singer would have been earned and the sad reality that without concerts, the financial future seemed bleak. American superstars Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston were able to posthumously pay off all the immense debt they were in at the…

Cryptocurrency Exit Scams; Red Flags You Should Look Out For.

There is a growing mix of excitement and anxiety over the emergence and growth of cryptocurrency popularity in different countries around the world. Uganda is no exception. The internet and press is awash with stories of individuals who have mined and reaped big from the trade enough to lure new investors to this ‘digital revolution’. However, the same media is filled with tales of other less fortunate investors who have lost their money in ‘exit scams’. A number of questions and concerns have arisen out of the complex nature of cryptocurrency. How does one protect themselves from falling victim to fraudulent exit scams? Is there a way to spot an exit scam from a genuine cryptocurrency trade?Is it legal and crucially…with no central regulatory authority how are exit scam victims remedied? This article focuses on exit scams in cryptocurrency and how one can spot one and protect their money from fraudsters.
What is a cryptocurrency? A cryptocurrency is a digital or virtual currency that u…