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Ice and George W Kiwanuka

I saw her again, I laid my eyes on that beautiful passionate volcano
Regret and nostalgia almost overwhelmed me for I missed her
the sparkling gem of perfection that had warmed my cold lonesome life with heat and joy
replaced my dark thoughts with boundless content and sensual adventure
An angry flame that never quite run out of love
I was a hateful ice block intimidated by her ember and smolders
disarmed and threatened by her happy free spirit

A burning flame of desire, she was a conflagration
she tore me with her nerve wrecking force and knocked me over
into a colourful bewildering cocktail of gratification and longing
sealed over legal jargon and scorching vodka
she was this enchanting spark that would burst into a consuming energy
whose touch and kisses sent me into ceaseless trembles

I am....was possessed, out of control
high on catalyst, off-guard and fearful
the fast speed ruptured us as well as heat and cold go
I was ice and she was my fire...while the cinders of our passion … George W Kiwanuka

Callous candid recollections plunge my now n yesterday self
Flashes of past lives  pleasure and torment me
my demons stalk, possess me
conspiring with loneliness in a dirty liasion
to choke and drown me into subdue

I moan with dark uncertainty
and peak in passionate consummation with danger
dance-skiing on knife edges,
courting and caressing grenades,triggers
kissing the hangman's noose in playful hobby
trading for  brief intimacy with comfort & content

Nay, I reject the bittersweet blues of nostalgia
I denounce the consuming need to answer and explain
to pledge to 'concerned' folks to let me trek my path
granting me orgasmic fulfillment
in the drugs and poisons of my choice.

By George W Kiwanuka