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A MOGUL'S EPITAPH By George W Kiwanuka

I stared into the cold chapel across the casket
Caught glimpse of my expressionless lifeless body
lying still in that huge varnished wooden prison
seemingly floating in a sea of hypocritical flowers and wreathes
all my power and millions irrelevant

From a distance, bewilderment served me  blows
at the few people who sincerely mourned me
I saw the futile efforts to feign grief
They tried to lie, in vain, but their grins gave them away
Deception presided as folks concocted good inexistent memories of me
I saw them all scheming for the vast property and legacy I had left
I scoffed at this, for the cut throat politics I had taught
them would be their death

I saw my family infiltrated, contaminated by greed
My wives, raised to be sisters, plotting each other’s demise
My sons laying it bare in air tight bloody war, their sisters picking sides
A preference to spill their own blood to divide the dirty wad of cash I had left
like spoils and booty from a conquest war

At the far end of the chap…

FUTILITY By George W Kiwanuka

Don’t look at my face I abhor being in this place dread that it’s not a mere phase
Jailed in this maze I cry for freedom…escape
Hesitating though
 at the thought of the cost
Lust and tempting kisses chain me here so wrong yet so addictive

 Doom impends over
my head claws of death reaching out to clasp me
Marked by my own…like Iscariot’s kiss of death
Quivering and quickening at every sound and bark
I lament of my ghosts and demons
They that day after day cast nets
To tear and drown me The skulls in my closet anchor me down
 like a weight tied to a drowning man’s limbs

My feet are slow, knees and limbs numb
My lungs ache, defeat is calling
Demise’s dark veil flying
towards a doomed me
Pity and despise from all the sadist witnesses
I give in to futility and accept reality
The Inevitable  End
     George W Kiwanuka


I braved the grave scorching sun
squeezing through the cocktails of folks and lads
my mission was simple and pure
To violently plead for an explanation
From the loud demagogue at the podium
demanding why five years down the road
He’s returned to bask in the same unfilled promises as last

Silently praying for answers
My thirst to mete judgement was unquenchable-insatiable
Looking at his lifeless eyes I planned to question
about the wax that had successfully sealed his ears from  hearing the dying hungry’s cries during his tenure
I failed to decipher his eyes from his heart and mind

Immune to our wails yesterday, today he sang
promises of self sacrifice
He was the promised son he said…the long awaited Messiah
Better schools, medication in hospitals, better pay even flawless 'kolansi' roads

As I hungered for signs of shame from him, his obvious oblivious ՙabsence՚ hit me
his body was there, but ՙhe՚ was in another realm-a glorious paradise
A realm whose realization this cumberso…