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I have carried the load of mixed signals Been bruised swimming against the unsteady tides in their lake And for this I bear a scar to remind me Words I adore and heed to when said by mouth I practice today the ingenious lazy stoic art of feigning blindness to all forms of sign language
I will miss the point when you suggest marriage by tidying my nest and leaving your pearl earrings on my night stand I will saunter by clue-less when a blushing you,  guided by your wisdom, giggle and wink at me, expecting me to guess I will stare in vain surprise at the silent treatment For silence is easily misinterpreted not misquoted
Infact, a sorely tale sings of how, in a sour twist of signal blending I once mistook concealed love-filled coyness for mockful disdain And mined scorn once the care fermented stale into bitterness So I beseech you to say what ought to be said For in showing, a lot is lost in the loud colours of the busy backdrop It is recklessly fatal to assume liberties today, relying on only that…