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The Whitney Houston Story; One of our times’ greatest tragedies.

Black, beautiful, talented,diva.These were all characteristics of American award-winning music legend and superstar Whitney Elizabeth Houston in the years spanning from the late 1980s to around 1998.At the time, the star enjoyed a large army of multi-racial fans who loved and supported her. She was the star that made Arista Records and has been their most profitable musician to date.Then the perfect image the world had known came crushing and tumbling in what later became the world’s most popular self-destructive tale way worse than Elvis Presley’s and Michael Jackson’s. “The voice” as she was fondly referred to by her fans and the scandal hungry media became a symbol of drugs, bankruptcy and loss. This week when the untimely passing of 22 year old Bobbi Kristina Brown, daughter and heiress of Whitney Houston, I could not help muttering ‘what a waste’ in utter disappointment. No one deserves such a terrible end. Most especially when you’re the ‘only’ surviving carrier of a big legacy …