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KAKALABANDA...By George W Kiwanuka

In the deceptively quiet backdrop of intense winds, falling rustling leaves
You clutched your rosaries and  bibles in grim silent fear
'Shut your Eyes' 'Don't peek or speak'-divinely echoed internally
The clack sound of bone and wood against the dorm floor availed your cue
You repented and said a silent earnest prayer for instant sleep
Recalling Muwanga's horrid prescient natter
Earlier in the bright sunny secure blanket of day

The uninvited terror thirsty night guests - ghastly apparitions
carried with them slappy treats for the naughty boys
and much too often made off with their valuables to the obscure world beyond
Woe unto he whose curiosity tricked him into opening his eyes,
Legend had it that Kakalabanda liked such rebels most
and often carried them away never to be seen again.


*Kakalabanda is a popular urban myth in Ugandan traditional boarding schools. It was the name given to a ghost which allegedly visited dormitories at night to disc…

Message in a George W Kiwanuka

I am going to wring you a heartfelt ballad on a dry old note
and cage it in a dimming glass bottle
I'll pour out my unfeigned hopes and fiery desires
Toss and set it adrift the lake
I'll hope that you dig in, inhale and partake of
the thousand dreams and memories imprisoned in the fading glass dungeon

I am irresolute with feelings a thousand feet tall
thwarted by open sores from spewing and affirming them
So I'll lay back and envisage you...your thin brown fingers
cracking open the bottle
bathing in the liberated plaudits and sunbaked laments of my soul

I'll send you a message in a bottle,
and...wait for you to come  rescue me,
For I am marooned on a defeatist desert island
Gloomed and smothered by ambivalence
without a ship in sight