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COPYRIGHT LAW AND UGANDAN MUSIC; What the Iryn Namubiru, Lyto Boss, Kusasira Anjagala saga means for the industry

This week on Wednesday 19th somewhere in the fully packed Entebbe town courtroom the press was amok. They hastily rushed to take shots of a large light complexioned woman who seemed to be eager to reach in time so as not to anger the judge by arriving late. This was not one of the high profile murder cases or abuse of office trials that have sold headlines for our dailies and tabloids. The woman was Nu Eagles Band singer Catherine Kusasira who was answering to fraud charges among others. She appeared before the court and pledged total cooperation with the law and its agents. She also begged to be given more time to find someone whose name has kept showing up everywhere in this scandal….Little Boss. Depending on the highly needed outcome of the case, singer and songwriter Lyto Boss could become the hero that won back the dignity, acknowledgement, reward and recognition for the hard work of songwriters or the example who will be remembered to have tried to battle two of Uganda’s most kn…