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Besides that hard concrete pavement, where the new city flowers thrive They collected what was left of her, packed in a blood dripping black plastic body bag Hurriedly bundled onto a garbage truck so as not to stain the freshly washed police van The tarmac was hard scrubbed to wipe away her obliterated beauty 48 hours after her thick red blood had seeped through the light layers Into the earth’s eager open mouth
The drunk motorist who had transformed her into a road kill statistic was on the wrong road side when he swept her off her feet Always having lived by the narrow right path, her end echoed her school years often punished with the naughty despite pleas of innocence, Death had fetched and defiled her from the right side of the road that scorching hot Tuesday evening
Death had caught her in a hurry, back from church counselling Rushing to her son’s school to collect the child, bearing news for him elated at the news that he would soon have a sister Today, years on, a lucrative fuel stati…