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Futile Quibbling

You don't have to worry yourself about nothing
For fruitless concern is a barren dry gully well
We groan, wail and chant into bloody exhaustion
and only attract bored mockful chuckles
'the people' are busy and only accessible for foreplay bothers
Others have had their hands shredded and made to croon while at it
It is refreshing to party on borrowed time

You don't have to hardly think about nothing
For you are not the first to fall prey to a con
Beguiled, you naively gyrated, planned weddings and
discarded your loincloths to surrender it all
in response to their dalliance intended flirts
The 'reps' were just teasing you
So....we'll blame your gullibility

You don't have to talk about nothing
for speech is as futile a chore as collecting noon bathwater
in a sisal-woven basket
You'll discuss, sing, moderate, debate and attempt to sculpt 'the ideal'
even bathe in virulent dollars to host talks and symposiums
Frown and wail not when these ticklis…