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A few years ago, you would never find any self respecting television fan confiding in anyone that one of the shows that they were ardent fans and viewers of was one that was written, conceived, acted, produced and acted in the cradle of life (read Africa)….an African Television show was another name for low quality, poor props, boring characters and predictable plots and storylines. There was no African show that would get anyone interested enough to feel the suspense that the show team intended them to feel. Even when the show’s villains were plotting on kidnapping and murdering the protagonist, it was not scary at all and even if one was to be that poor ill fated protagonist, there would be no need to worry. However in the Southern part of the continent, the members in their television industry had already decided to tread these seemingly untradeable waters and soon mastered the art. Luckily for the industry, these past months have seen many African drama series cropping up and yes,…