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They Caught The George W Kiwanuka

Decades ago, in the jungles not irreconcilably far from here
We, downtrodden fauna of the woods, gathered
Wrapped in a patriotic spirit
we identified a leader, youthful intelligent dog
he would stand on and out as a revolutionary...the messiah
to bark on,scaring away the hyenas
they that had lost their way, plunging us into
disease and ignorance-immense lack and doom

The dog's role was to bark and scare away the hyenas
then lead us to light, prepare the jungle for a new hope-filled world
to clean the stump throne on the clearing
the throne that alien lumberjacks had earlier created
Aliens we had expelled and banished

We danced away in jubilation when the revolutionary canines struck
and sent the hyenas packing-'warming' the hunt for a while
They scorned and scoffed at us-the hyenas
and warned us of the addictive contagious plague
of its indiscriminate manner of devour politricks

Alas, for years as we absent-mindedly danced off to the sunset
our dog nailed himself to the s…