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A DESIRE LUZINDA-FILLED WEEK A Tale of Hypocrisy, Lessons, Criticisms & Moving Forward Why All The Hate?
This last week, a Ugandan diva underwent something that no matter what angle you look at it from, most female musicians in our country would like to experience, ‘being the talk of the nation’. Not a day went by last week before Desire Luzinda’s name came up in all headlines screaming with a burning desire to provide the thirsty public with the gift of knowledge about the sexy curvy woman who gave us the gift of Nina Omwami, Equation among other songs that graced our then amateur charts at the time. Radio breakfast shows and social media had a field day with each wanting to be the bearer of new updates on the Desire story…really? Before I state whether I am going to risk by sympathizing and showing support for this superstar her fans will swear that she is or I will switch off my humanity and point a hypocritical accusatory finger to this voluptuous artiste. For the record let me s…