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#UgBlogWeek Day 4; Caressing and massaging serpent fags....fatally

Folks who have lived more than us and have thus experienced more of life have more fun escapades to narrate than many the smart phone trolling lads of our generation.They also have much advice and life lessons to spruce our usually shallow knowledge on survival and existence in this universe known to always be brewing treachery. We get to tap their wisdom from what they've lived through and passed on to us.One of the earliest proverbs I learnt as a child (for my grandfather liked to say it every now and then) was the Luganda "Enyanja etta agyimanyidde" which, translated loosely to mean "The lake kills he that is accustomed to it" that is, it's fishermen who drown ironic scenario by all means or at least am certain irony is what the person who coined it intended to achieve. The elders have persistently told of people who have met their ends (usually brutal gruesome ends) at the hands of things they were accustomed to and individuals that have seeme…

#UgBlogWeek Entry 3; Four layman lessons from Trump's US Presidency Victory

The night when the world's largest democracy cast their vote to choose the next leader of the free world did not find me anxious as well in contrast to many people around me.At home,the excitement tempted me to ask what the next president of the US had to do with Uganda except the usual foreign policy that never does much change for me as an individual. Even more bewilderment hit me when I saw what's app groups named Team Trump and Team Hillary and saw die hard Ugandans changing their social media profile photos and groups of Boda Boda cyclists engaged in deep discussion about the possible outcome of this historical election. Historical because if Mrs Hillary Clinton had won,despite her heavy experience as senator, former Secretary of State, First Lady and more, she would have been the first woman to take on this mantle.It would be an ever greater victory for her mates the Democrats who would not only be celebrating an extension of their control of government but also another…

#UgBlogWeek Day 2; Of "entitled" persons and polite language

One of the teachers I will probably never forget all throughout my school life was an extremely tough Itetsot lady who was transfered to my Primary 4 class to teach my then favourite subject;English Language. With the risk of coming off as a lazy lad,the major reason for my preference of this unit over the other elements of my cane thirsty teacher driven traumatic education journey was not only the little effort which it demanded of me but also the wonderful adventures in the stories that took my young innocent and curious mind to different worlds in between the old pages of those books that carried the rich stench of age.Tough Itestot lady teacher's first topic was polite language and for some reason(perhaps because she personified and was the perfect embodiment of a new fresh inconceivable breed of terror at the time,it stuck.Like the good pupil I was,I have strived to the best of my ability to emulate these ideals ,living my life punctuating most of my day to day speech with di…