#UgBlogWeek Entry 3; Four layman lessons from Trump's US Presidency Victory

The night when the world's largest democracy cast their vote to choose the next leader of the free world did not find me anxious as well in contrast to many people around me.At home,the excitement tempted me to ask what the next president of the US had to do with Uganda except the usual foreign policy that never does much change for me as an individual. Even more bewilderment hit me when I saw what's app groups named Team Trump and Team Hillary and saw die hard Ugandans changing their social media profile photos and groups of Boda Boda cyclists engaged in deep discussion about the possible outcome of this historical election. Historical because if Mrs Hillary Clinton had won,despite her heavy experience as senator, former Secretary of State, First Lady and more, she would have been the first woman to take on this mantle.It would be an ever greater victory for her mates the Democrats who would not only be celebrating an extension of their control of government but also another first for them after bringing the first "nonwhite" president Barack Obama. Billionaire businessman and TV star Donald Trump, now president elect has never held any public office all his life and with a former nude model and immigrant wife as his First Lady,the curiosity as to what kind of presidency America would have under him,kept many unsettled.By now most dust has settled and so I bring my own analysis of layman lessons we can learn from this race.As its layman, do not expect statistics and analytical analysis of different manifestos and proposed policies.
1) Americans are not as advanced, sensitised and as socially superior to the world as the brand they've created.Trump was very radical in his campaigns and his speech was punctuated with sexist and racist attacks against groups of people who have for long become part of the country.The media critics highlighted his arrogance,and painted Hillary as the rational leader who had no anger towards anyone, the saint who should be forgiven for letting innocent people die in Benghazi and patronised those who called her careless for sending emails critical to national security using her home personal computer. They patted them with the let he without sin cast the first stone as they hailed stones at the billionaire counterpart who had the shorter hand of the stick.The reason Trump won the race despite the controversial statements he threw allover the place is because despite the fact that they sounded oddly barbaric at the time,this was only because the US has lied to us to make them feel that the country and its folks are too advanced and rights conscious and are therefore all loving and hospitable.Alas,the majority of people at the bottom however agreed with him.They saw the need for a wall to be built to stop immigrants from crossing into the US to take their jobs. They agreed with him that the black and Latino population was more of a problem for them or the notion of making America great again by reprimanding African dictatorial self endorsed life presidents.If the majority if Americans think like this, they are not very different from the African folks they like to look down upon and Clinton's ideals seemed foreign to them.They were as alien to them as hashtags spreading awareness about the killing of black hooded teenagers walking about unarmed in the streets.
2)Democracy Won
Social media was awash with a photograph of an article in the New Vision of Ugandan correspondent and respected US based political analyst Opiyo Oloya who was congratulating Clinton on her presidency and highlighted the challenges her tenure will face.You should have seen the roast we served him.The people had spoken. the people refused to be told what was good for them.Despite all major media corporations,celebrities and polls endorsing Mrs Clinton, they spoke. They wanted the inexperienced businessman who had promised to flush out immigrants.Not the well spoken good speaker,lawyer,politician and public speaker....I smiled because I am very opposed to mechanised politics where systems are put in place to favour one candidate over another.There was no clean slate in this race but well,"the people" spoke and so the people had to be congratulated... even by those who had been threatened with jail if the people's choice would keep true to his words.
3)Americans are a very confused lot...as well
Confused because nothing is as confusing as bragging that you are the biggest supporters of democracy and naming your party after this very term meaning rule of the majority. you believe in the people choosing whatever they want.Then when the people choose whatever they want, fellow people take to the streets to riot and protest against the decision and well decided choice of the people!As in protesting the decision taken by the majority does sound like what they would expect we Africans to do before taking to Twitter to bash us down and chuckle at we residents of the craddle of man.These riots were a falling off of these masks they have been wearing in their news reports, TV series and the internet.It was an exposure of their radical nature and their lack of tolerance to dissent... even if this dissent is through democracy. Well done democrats.
4)Illuminati must be a hoax
I am still laughing hard at the story told of a powerful secret society controlled by the Devil as in Lucifer aka Beelzebub or Sitaani who as CEO grants power to a few individuals and fame and money to others who just happen to also be talented in their various fields.That this mafia or cartel of sorts handpicks a candidate who worships with them and them employ all their power,skill and expertise to ensuring that this candidate sails through the race.These theorists pointed at Mrs Clinton as that candidate this year and as hit TV drama like Scandal adopted storylines featuring a woman US president, top alleged Illuminati celebrities endorsed her and all mainstream media sold the message that it was Hillary or Hillary.That choosing another would cause the US to cease existence. Prophets also confided in their congregation about personal one on ones with God in which he had whispered to them about the identity of the next US president and that this mysterious person would be a woman.Either the Illuminati was beaten hands down or they have always been a hoax because what else explains Trump's victory despite lacking their blessings. Many other conspiracy theories (a very busy lot I must say) took to the internet with many claims some as outrageous as their "friends" the Russians having hacked the results and changed them to embarrass the eagle state!!! Yiyi
All in all,as we grudgingly rise from the ashes and as the dust raised as the elephants were battling, we have to pick something from all this.America's ability to accept Trump is a victory for them as an independent democratic state and so the pain,shock and surprise Hillary fans feel is only a result of most of them blindly following mainstream media and turning a deaf ear to reality, and expecting a sure win.Back here Trump victory celebrants almost lost their lives online. Ask veteran photo journalist and Kampala Express founder Timothy Kalyegira who almost had his head bitten off for stating (very boldly) that Trump's victory is God's response to America's past transgressions and rising tearing of their moral fibre.


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