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SPILLED by George W Kiwanuka

The dailies beared it
actually-screamed it with scorching eagerness
the murdered professor's horrid torrid tale
silently slain by callous cut-throats
slaughtered returming from Sly Pleasures Lodge

Eulogies told of the perfection he desired in his essays-one of a kind
The kind that even he could not quite explain
Save in the comfort of his hotel room
or the back seat of his Volks
that blood stained leather held many secrets

His vigil was a masquerade
Flanked by a harrased army of female student 'weepers'
Momentarily pausing to take selfies
The overt absence of grief became the subject of anonymous rumours
Gatecrashers stayed bear witness
and mould a folktale to tell tommorrow's youth

A firm, generous and affectionate teacher
colourful grades were scripted on routine passionate nights
between his coarcively warmed sheets
A stern judge, he weighed the futures of many youth
expunging the clueless he deeemed unworthy
with late night examinations and tests servi…

Duel (In Memorium)

Tease me now about my fleas
Mock me now about my still stale stock
Stress to gloat over my strain and misfortune
Laugh to my face about this phase being a permanent place
I hope your self assurance is rooted in some insurance of sorts
I leave it to karma to teach you trauma
to chain your mockery and vain flattery or nurse your stained ego
Fate will unmask you, for that face you wear will tear
for its plainted in very faint shades....

George W Kiwanuka